What if there’s a faster, more effective path to healing?

You know that the body is infinitely intelligent.

You know there is a link between your physical body and your emotions.

You also know that you are here to live your highest path and purpose.

If you’re here, you are deeply invested in your health and spiritual development.  You know that the body is infinitely intelligent. You know there is a link between your physical body and your emotions. You also know that you are here to live your highest path and purpose.

At the same time, you may feel as if there’s important information missing.

You know that you’re a spiritual Being – and yet you’re tired of being confined to the health struggle in the physical body.

What if there was a powerful tool that could help you understand the underlying energetic
root causes behind physical symptoms and dis-ease … a tool that could help you realign to
the Divine health that is your true nature?

Our body is an amazing gateway to spiritual awakening.  Physical dis-ease occurs when
we are out of alignment with our Soul Purpose - when we are not being who we were
designed to be.  Every symptom has meaning, and is usually the result of a conflict within
our belief system and the underlying energetic misalignments that exist at the various
dimensional levels of our Being.

Meta-Health is a diagnostic tool that helps us identify the root cause of disease, the
stage of disease cycle that may be presenting itself, as well as identify where we are in our
own spiritual development and consciousness.

Whether you are a healer looking for new tools to offer to your clients, or you are looking for
resolution of your own physical symptoms of dis-ease, you’re invited to experience the power of META-Health.

You’re invited to opt in to my free video training, “Discover The Intelligence of your Body” and

learn what possibilities are available to you through META-Health.


Words about Susanne:

Susanne’s wisdom and knowledge around conflicts within illnesses is huge. Her playfulness and ease makes everything a lot easier to meet, even if you happen to be in a middle of a conflict. That playfulness also plays an important role in her teacher role, as she can easily meet all the energies we need to understand. When i see it and hear it I experience the vast complexity of it all with ease.  She radiates the light of a Master, and the best of all – she gives you the mirror of it, which gives you the possibility to awaken the Master within you. As a result of that, things that seems so vast and complex like illnesses and pain, turns into the simplicity and pureness it came from – Pure Life! Susanne is a Master in the meeting conflict with so much love and curiosity, that the conflict itself  feel so proud of all the attention, that it burst open! And, the power of that makes it transform itself to the source of Love it came from.  In that moment a deep respect for Life awakens and Life finds its way Home. As a Teacher Susanne has a structured way of teaching and shares her art of wisdom on a very high level, where she methodically journeys through the facts around the subject she teaches. A splendid cocktail of energies in a combination that reflects abundance!

Åsa Brita Simonsson