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Prostate cancer and Meta-Medicine

Prostate cancer is the most common types of cancer of men in Sweden. This article will explain the disease process from Meta-Medicine point of view.

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Meta-Medicine & NLP

We have been asked to run an NLP Practitioner course for Norway, known as Norge. This is great adventure as I (Susanne Billander) have just been applying Meta-Medicine (Metamedisin) training courses in Norway with great success. If you want to … Continue reading

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Meta-Medicine® – What is the definition?

Meta-Medicine isn’t a new therapy. It is a diagnostic tool and based on a bio-psycho-social model of integrative medicine. Patient and providers work together to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic program that draws a variety of traditions, expertise and modalities … Continue reading

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Lung Cancer – Tuberculosis and Meta-Medicine

During which two periods of time did tuberculosis, TB, peak in Europe during the 20th century? It peaked after the first and second world wars. Why? Meta-Medicine indicates that “Fear of death” is the conflict causing lung cancer and that … Continue reading

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