The Five Elements & META-Health

Are you ready to discover the five elements and how they can deepen your META-Health practice?

Are you willing to integrate the energy of the five elements
in you and your life?

  • Learn about the Five Elements
  • Learn about each elements on an energetic – physical level – emotional level – spiritual level.
  • Get more specific understanding about the conflict context behind dis-ease.
    I.G in Meta-Health you find that self-devaluation affect bone, muscles, blood, joins, lymph. All those organ/tissues of the Medulla, belongs to different elements, therefore different ways in how we self-devaluate ourselves.
  • Get more multi-layered in your diagnostics and healing practice. Instead of focusing on one organ at the time, we can get a bigger picture with the knowledge about the Five Elements.
  • Integrate each element in you: When you integrate the energy of each element, then you heal your body and you activate all the parts of the creation process here on earth.
  • Bring a new level of depth and effectiveness to any existing healing work you may currently be doing. The Five Elements combines beautifully with energy healing modalities.


What is included in this on-line training:

  • Five recorded webinar classes, 2-3 h each. The benefit of having them recorded, is that you can listen to them again and again, and let the information sink in deeper every time.
  • Five recorded Q&A and healing calls. One for each element.
  • Power Point’s


What did the participants say about the training:

“That call was so helpful yesterday, thanks Susanne, parts of it are still coming to me, and I think, what did Susanne say about that, and I go and listen again and hear you saying something else to get my teeth into” Kate S  

“This week I have felt I had lots of “having” to do! Today I let that pattern go and guess what! I did a lot of things, spoke with people and I have been laughing – I have enjoyed life and I realized that it was a “doing” day after all, without noticing  it! ” Katarina S


What is the content of each module:

Module 1 – Water – Winter

Kidneys, Adrenals, Bones, Ears and feel safe to live your life path.

Module 2 – Wood – Spring

Liver, Gallbladder, Tendons, Eyes and step in to your potency

Module 3 – Fire – Summer

Heart, Small intestines, Blood vessels, Tongue and let Joy in to your life.

Module 4 – Earth – Late Summer

Stomach, Spleen, Muscles, Lips and connect to the abundance of the earth

Module 5 – Metal – Autumn

Lungs, Large intestines, Skin, Nose and get bare and be your essence.



Price for the training:

The live training was $999


You can pay in installments: $200/month during two months, total $400

(Pay with the subscription button, you will subscribe to pay $200/ months during 2 months, and you are responsible for making sure money if in your account at the date money get withdrawn)


You get access to a training page, with the five recorded webinar + PowerPoint´s after payment.

Who is the trainer:

Susanne Billander

Health for Susanne is to live our highest path and purpose. It affects our whole system and lead to our being able to switch from survival stress to be nourished by the earth; connected to the light and anchored in the heart. She has been a Meta-Medicine Trainer for 10 years and have been running trainings in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK. Since two years back she runs trainings via webinar and have participants from different parts of the world. She is truly passionate about different studies like numerology, astrology, Human Design, Reading Soul Profiles in order to assist people waking up to our true being.

Dr.Kwesi Odum
He was co-running the water element.


More words about the training:

“Wonderful webinar Susanne. How interesting I am having skin problems lately, itchy and eczema. Ive never had that before, on my ear, by my eye, and mouth. I also have been a bit irritated in my lungs. I seem to be dealing with grief issues lately, realized I can let go of the grief but keep the relationship. About 2 months ago I had diarrhea for a few weeks which was very odd for me. Now my bowels are wonderfully regular and I feel as if I am letting go a lot better.”

“That was an awesome webinar Suzanne. Probably the most powerful one for me so far. The first half I felt was all about reconnecting to the earth for me, having the earthquakes made me feel disconnected, as if she had betrayed me and she wasn’t safe to reconnect and ground to. And of course all the resulting anxiety from being ungrounded. Someone suggested that when i see the cord going down into the earth that i see it coming back up with my name on it, so its safe and only for me. The second half I literally sobbed through it, when you did the healing, I thought I would see my mother, but i connected that it was more my father, then going back to his mother. She died when I was in utero and my father was only 23. And the part I hadn’t connected with, she died of stomach cancer. So it was like i felt i wanted to receive nurturing from my father, but he hadn’t received it from his mother because she hadn’t received it. At the end when you said that the earth gives us so much I really hadn’t thought of her like that, because of the quakes. a big paradigm shift, as i felt reconnected again to her bounty.. That was very powerful. xox”

“I have spent this year more or less in “the corner” listened and observed. I have been able to do the parallels to my life. The autumn element is all me; with strengths and “bugs” – in the core. Asthma, large intestine, skin, nose (more when I was younger), crying, white, diamonds/crystals.
I have even noticed along the years when I am in a develop-phase in life I use to much of the male-energy and the consequences the hair on my legs get dark and thicker. When I am back in better balance the hair go back to normal and not really visible.
Since a few weeks I need to help my self to go to the toilet; and when I do so I do it in the mornings.
In September I woke up one morning and the whole of me just knew I needed to end my relationship with my fiancé. I tried to be rational with my self telling me to consider; but my sense had no other choice than giving up and I left him. On the 10th of October I woke up with the same knowing in my heart: end my contract for the book keeping contract, I have been giving my soul to the last 2½ years. It was important for me to have my children with me, since they, of course, might feel insecure (first the man in my life and then my job that gives them food on the table). My mother (a very worrying person) effected my children to be afraid and worried, so it took me 3 days to convince them we will be alright. On the 14th of October I handled in my resignation and on the 15th of January I will wake up free as a bird  I guess I can be seen as a person with courage; how ever to me this is deeper; it is more a question of survival.
I have spent the two last weeks wondering what I am up to. However, this is really really landed in me; in the deep true me, so it has not at all been difficult.
On the 25th of October I went to the hospital to see a doctor for my strum (I have been dealing with it for the last 1½ years) and he told me I should stop with the medications, since all the “doctor-level-tests” now are good. My gut-feeling surprised me when I heard my self saying: No, I want to keep on taking the medicines (I am really against chemical pills!) until 15th of January. And so it will be. One thing at the time….. 
This last element really connected me to myself in away I haven’t yet understood and I am thrilled to see what it leads to! 
I have, for quite some time, known that I am meant to start things up. In the early 90′s I was seen as a witch for things that today is “normal”, all my working experience has included “set new rules/routines/strategies” and it has just come to me. That might be the reason I need to close doors before the new one’s will show up. And, indeed, I have been closing doors in my life…. 
I am so curious where I will be in half a year and I beg myself to remain calm and happy about this new exciting phase in my life, I don’t know anything about yet. 
Thank you for the Metal-presentation, which made me understand myself better!