About Susanne

I’m passionate about spreading the biological explanation to cancer and other diseases around the world. Meta-Health builds a bridge between the science and spirituality and reinforce the mission of the scientists before 1600-century:

“To understand the laws of nature so we can live in harmony with it”

Time after time I experience how the knowledge about the natural laws exchange the fear of diseases to clear understanding. That is the first important step to recreate health.

My conviction that all diseases are possible to heal, is based on science and people in the world that shows it’s possible. 99% of our cells are replaced with in a year and “The miracle man” Morris E. Goodman showed that it’s possible to heal a body, which got totally disabled after a plane crash. From just been able to blink his eyes he nowadays live a live with a totally functional body!!!

There are strategies HOW that is possible!

If you understand how the body works, you can work with it to restore your health. Please note that you cannot decide exactly how it will work. Luckily there is an intelligence taking care of that. Otherwise we would be busy telling the heart when to beat, the cells to divide, the stomach how to digest the food, and so on.

Working with me 1-2-1 or in a training room, is about getting trained in natural laws as well as upper dimensional laws, which you can apply to your whole life.

I live in Costa Rica with my family. I meet my clients via skype.



My Qualifications:

  • Meta-Health Master Trainer
  • Meta-Health Master Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Master Time Based Techniques
  • Master Hypnotist diploma from American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coach training with Life Coaching Academy in England
  • Soulrealignment Practitioner
  • Vortex Healing