Endocrine system

Welcome to a webinar training to learn more about the endocrine system and Soul-utions.
This day is part of the Finnish Meta Medicine certification training, but we are now inviting more people who have done or are doing the certification training in another country. It was a request from the International Meta-Medicine conference in Denmark.

Date: 2nd June

Time: 8.30 am GMT (9.30 swedish time). We aim to finish at 5pm.

We will review the various glands to explore their:

  • Physiological role
  • The emotions that affect them
  • How they interact
  • Their spiritual meaning and function
  • My intention is to include a 1-2-1 exercise, where you can investigate which pattern causes the most imbalance in your hormone system.


Meta-Medicine and Multi-Dimensional Healing

I will share the Soul-ution model, which is a Multi-Dimensional healing process. Meta-Medicine will assist us understanding the underlying pattern of a symptom, and the Soul-utions process is also focused on releasing the pattern from its root, reconnect to higher learning and take new conscious action to actively manifest new results/situations in our life.

The content of this session will be about:
•    Awareness about the different dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D +) and what laws they govern.
•    Consciousness about them, which means knowing how to use them to assist healing on all levels, which is what I call “Soul-utions”.
•    How can we bring in connections to higher dimensions, healing the physical body quicker and freeing up our new life situations.

I am going to share consciousness that can assist your current healing potential and healing capabilities as a practitioner.

There will be short breaks and a lunch break during the day.

I would like to arrange exercises also via skype with the webinar group. The Finnish group will practice at their training rooms.

The day will cost 125€ which includes a previously recorded webinar on “Heal your adrenals and live your highest purpose and way of life” in English or Swedish, your choice.

To book your  participation pay here:


Also please send me an email to susanne@metamedicine.se with your name, email and skype address and if you like a copy of the webinar, “Heal you adrenals and live your highest path and purpose”, in English or Swedish.

You will get the instructions and the link to the webinar 2 days before the training day.


It would be lovely to meet you again or for the first time!


With love,

Susanne Billander