Free Webinar – META-Health & The Five Elements

Welcome to take part of a free webinar about META-Health & The Five Elements!


Susanne will discuss how META-Health makes even more sense when we understand the Five Elements.
It gives us both a bigger picture and more details in the art and science of healing our body-emotion-mind-soul
With understanding the interconnectedness of the organ-system one gets more understanding of the cause of the disease. The symptom we see at an organ  is an effect and not the cause and with understanding the 5 elements we get deeper in the real cause of the disease.
Susanne will finish the webinar with a guided healing to support the balance of the water element (the element that we current are in)

Date & Time: 11th February at 7 pm GMT

Hosts: Susanne Billander, META-Health Master Trainer.

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