Is Meta-Medicine of value to you?

• Do you have powerful transformation tools, but you like to faster access what conflict that underlies a symptom?

• Are you intuitive and can see the link between body and emotions, but want more knowledge about our bio-logical system, to explain that to your clients?

• Would you like to be able to promote healing from the physical to the spiritual level?

• Would you like to apply the knowledge for yourself so you can use your body as your best teacher?

• Are you longing to live your highest life path and life purpose?

Did these question resonate with you, then you are on the right page!

Health for me is to live our soul’s highest life path and purpose. It affects our whole system so we are able to switch from survival stress, to become nourished by the earth, connected to the light and anchored in the heart. My intention is to inspire and guide my students and clients to live their true self and to heal the body.

Your body is intelligent!

The Meta-Medicine model is a diagnostic tool that helps us identify what causes a disease, where we are in a disease cycle, and also helps us to clarify where we are in our own development. Your body is intelligent! Every symptom is a meaningful process. By revealing what conflict underlies a symptom you got the chance to release the emotions and get the learning. Life is evolution!

I invite you to join a fast growing international network of doctors and health practitioners in the world with the mission:

To transform medicine and health care into an integral and holistic art and science promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health.

We are moving toward a new era of health care and human evolution!

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