Lung Cancer – Tuberculosis and Meta-Medicine

During which two periods of time did tuberculosis, TB, peak in Europe during the 20th century? It peaked after the first and second world wars. Why? Meta-Medicine indicates that “Fear of death” is the conflict causing lung cancer and that TB is part of the same disease process.

It used to be a normal conflict for men who went to war and even for their relatives. In order for them to be able to fight better for their lives nature created a special program helping an individual by increasing the number of alveoli in their lungs, which are the cells that absorb the oxygen we inhale. Biologically, it enables the individual to absorb more oxygen and thus have more strength to fight with. When the conflict was solved, or if the man survived the war, the programme turned into regeneration phase which helped the lungs return to their original form. At that point the cell growth needs to be destroyed and eliminated from the lungs. The symptoms are coughing up blood, high temperature and exhaustion. The bacteria in the lungs found by the doctors were TB and according to the prevailing medical belief the bacteria were responsible for the symptoms. Read more about the true purpose of micro-organisms in my Meta-Medicine book/eBook “Meta-Medicine – The Secret about Cancer and other Diseases”  (written by Susanne Billander). In Swedish “Metamedicin – Hemligheten bakom Cancer och andra sjukdomar”.

Does not smoking cause cancer?
There is a lot of talk about smoking causing lung cancer. According to the Cancer Foundation as many as 98 per cent of the respondents in a study believed that smoking had a great influence as a reason for cancer. Below I will present what Dr. Hamer has to say about experiments that showed two opposite results from the same study.

Six thousand guinea pigs were put in cages where they were subjected to cigarette smoke their whole lives and not one developed bronchial cancer or lung cancer (alveoli). In another trial, house mice were used as trial animals. Some of these developed lung cancer (alveoli), which is triggered by a fear of death conflict. The reason why is that house mice have always lived near humans, which has caused them to biologically inherit the premise that smoke is life threatening. Some of the house mice reacted instinctively with a fear of death conflict and wanted to escape from the cigarette smoke that was blown into the cages. When they could not escape there was a conflict shock among them so they developed lung cancer.

Guinea pigs originate from Syria where they used to be desert animals. In the desert there are no fires but were there the guinea pigs would have just buried themselves in the sand where they would have been safe. Therefore they have no instinct telling them that smoke means “run for your life”.

Dr. Hamer was therefore able to establish that smoking does not cause bronchial cancer, but in some cases it might cause lung cancer (alveoli), despite the fact that cigarette smoke does not penetrate as far as the bronchi and by no means as far as the alveoli.

What is Cancer then? 
The body can react with cell growth; one example is in the case of kick boxers. They kick each other’s shin bones and in order to protect the shin bone the body grows more cartilage, which makes the bone stronger to be able to bear more pain. There is cell growth, but only so much as to strengthen the bone. Every case of cell growth does not equal cancer.

Healthy cells in the body normally divide and increase in number according to a predetermined pattern. The cancer cells on the other hand have released themselves from these growth laws and will divide uninhibitedly in the long run causing a cancer tumour (website of

Meta-Medicine explains why a cell starts dividing uninhibitedly. A programme is activated after an unexpected, dramatic conflict shock, with the purpose of supporting survival or evolution.  

It is also interesting that lung cancer is a normal secondary cancer, so called metastasis. Many people get scared to death when they find out that they have cancer. That fear of death may cause the survival program to kick in and start producing more alveoli, which they later diagnose as lung cancer.

What is Meta-Medicine? Read more..

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