META-Health Practitioner Training – Special offer

After having completed the Introductory training, META-health -  Level 1, you will have a basic understanding of how to do META-Health Analysis; the META-Health Practitioner Training enables you to broaden and deepen these skills.

A six month professional training and certification training with with one of the world’s first Senior Master Trainer in META-Health, Susanne Billander.

This training is centered around:

  • Understand the META-Health principles deeper and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • Use the 9 major Points and Phases of Healing with your clients
  • Establishing stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your client’s health issue
  • Focus on META-Health and the outcome rather than illness
  • Establish client learning lessons and set positive intentions
  • Unlock people’s healing potential through health supporting lifestyle changes
  • Develop your own personal META-Health Plan and experience it in your own life
  • Develop integrative META-Health Plans for your clients
  • Learn how to be a successful META-Health Professional
  • How to use transformational techniques, you already got, to release stress triggers and negative emotions

The META-health Practitioner Training

The META-Health Practitioner Training is an advanced approach in Integrative Health Coaching. Perhaps the most advanced available in the world today. You will learn a how to apply a unique synthesis of mind-body-spirit diagnostics, emotional healing and personal development which integrates and transcends existing diagnostic, coaching and therapy models.  Becoming a licensed META-Health Practitioner will give you an hightened awareness and practical ability to work with the mind-body-social and behavioural nature of your own and clients’ health, developmental and achievement issues and goals.

Full completion of this training will qualify and enable you to understand and use the mind-body-social connection and develop a fully integrative approach to health & awakening.

Susanne’s unique approach is multi-dimensional and also integrating the five elements. A more holistic view and at the same time more detailed.

This is included:

  • All manuals and training materials
  • 12 recorded teleseminars with information.
  • One Q&A call per month where we do demos, practice and mentoring over 12 months.
  • META-Health Practitioner theoretical and practical testing
  • Certification META-Health Practitioner levels on successful completion of the course and requirements

Extra special bonuses unique to this training:

  • Unique to Susanne not available with any other Master Trainers in the world:
  •  A multi-Dimensional consciousnes map of creations. It helps to understand the bigger picture of health.
  • META-Health & The Five Elements (Five 2-3 h recordings + Five recorded Q&A recordings, valued €990)
  • META-Medicine level 1 training (value $397)

“I got more than I expected from META-Health Practitioner training with Susanne Billander. She wasn’t only my teacher, she was my mentor. She guided me through the whole material with this amazing certainty of my own abilities to grasp it and practice it. Countless clearings she did during those 6 months of training were priceless and assisted me in reconnecting with my true self. Her love for people to follow their passion and to be empowered deeply influenced me and I became much more aware of my natural gifts and my life purpose. 
Susanne is a very warm and kind person. She gives a lot of space to ask questions and she creates this atmosphere of playfulness during exercises, so it doesn’t feel heavy or difficult. She doesn’t just feed information, she gives one bit a time, with time to digest it and encourages to use it as much as possible in practice. The knowledge she openly and willingly shared allows me to assist my family, friends and clients in self-healing and evolving as human beings. 
Susanne is like a mother that is just beside you to catch you but she allows you to do the walking. Thank you Susanne. My heart if full of gratitude.”

Magdalena Szpilka – Meta-Health Coach and Trainer, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner 


The training starts when you enroll:

You can start the training at the moment of after booking. All the lessons are recorded. The training is created to be an on-line self-study training with a year of support with live webinars.

Live META-teleclasses will be held twice per month for one year.

Content in the twelve recorded webinars

 Lesson 1:

A Multi-Dimensional view on health and healing

META-Perspective - Discover why now’s the time for this new, advanced approach to health and awakening

Beyond releasing emotions - Over the last 11 years of interest and working in the field of personal and professional development, I have learned and applied a number of different approaches and found time after time that it is not just about the technique – it is about the level of consciousness the person using and receiving.

Have you ever gotten frustrated with trying to be successful and it doesn’t work?
 Your body and the physical life will tell the story of how you are not allowing your true being. It’s our natural bio-logical programming and epi-genetic conditioning and unless you understand and know how to work with this information then the rest is great to think about, but will only ever get limited success.

META introduction

Lesson 2 

How to use the Trigger Elicitation Technique for identifying and working with external triggers and the internal tracks

How to identify and work with variations of the Two Phases in life and with clients to enhance health awareness

Lesson 3

Use META-Health diagnosis to find the traumatic events and internal conflicts preceding and supporting any illness. A deeper more detailed process than in level 1. Also, if a client is not showing up with physical symptoms, then you can use this process to identify stress factors, limiting decisions, behaviors, emotions, thoughts behind the problem. You can also link the pattern to a physical organ, and then move in to transformation/healing.

Lesson 4

Brain layers -The Composed organs and their meanings

Many organs of the body are composed of multiple tissue types relating to their different embryological and brain connection. This information is revolutionary and as it provides a META-Health Practitioner with a very detailed understanding of the brain based and neurological association with an external stressors, as well as helping to determine the internal mental conflict (tracks) behind a health issue

Different brain areas – Take your META-Health understanding to a deeper level with this awareness of greater differentiation within the brain relay responses.

Brainstem + Cerebellum + Medulla 

Lesson 6

Cortex – The masculine and feminine principles and laws in the cortex

Find out how nature has wire us to make sure evolution is possible.

Lesson 7

Constallations - Understanding the biological meaning of a psychological issue is something that has been completely left out of mainstream approaches to psychotherapy and traditional medicine.  META-Health is based upon a unique science which provides us with a detailed understanding of the reasons people preference certain ways of thinking. Using this framework our students are able to uncover the meanings and use coaching and therapy to help resolve the underlying stressors

Also types of anxiety, bipolar disorder, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, depression and bulimia, The term constellation means that the health issue is an emergent property of multiple brain relays in stress. Research has demonstrated unequivocally that these health issues amongst others are composed of multiple conflict signals whose origin is in the brain.

We study the precise brain relay as well as the biological, psychological and social behavioral meanings, making it easier to begin to work with the inherent complexities involved with these specific health issues.

Lesson 8

Sensory and motoric issues. Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other ‘complex’ health issues have an origin in brain neuro-biology.

Lesson 9

META-Therapy Plans - One of the issues with many forms of healthcare is that the relationship is set up with an imbalance between the ‘superior’ health expert and ‘inferior’ client. This model is both outdated and has been proven not to work for the benefit of clients’ long term health wellbeing.
As a META-Health Practitioner, you will learn how to co-create META-Therapy Plans with clients. This process is powerful and empowering for both client and coach as a client starts to recognize that they are in control of their health issues and that recovery and healing is their responsibility. As clients discover how the changes they decide to make can change their health issues permanently, this strengthens their belief in their own self-healing ability

Lesson 10 +11

Endocrine system. The physical functions as well as the abstract meaning for each glad. How they are interconnected. The connection with living our true expression and a healthy endocrine system = a healthy life.

 Lesson 12

Multi-Dimensional Healing Process – How we can support the alignment to ones unique blueprint.

The beauty having all lessons and Q&A recorded is that you can refresh your knowledge at any time.

Who is the accrediting organization?

The non-profit International META-Health Association (IMMA) regulates the standards and quality of META-Health Practitioner training and education and is responsible for the accreditation and certification process of all META-Health Practitioners , META-Naturopath’s, META-Doctor’s and META-Health Trainers worldwide.

The IMMA Mission Statement is: “The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health”


META-Health Practitioner Certification Standards Overview 

To qualify and become a licensed META-Health Practitioner the following requirements have to be met:

  • Listening twice to the twelve recorded webinars.
  • At least 125 hours of training and 100 hours of practical experience
  • Complete client case studies in your own practice (5 case studies with clients and 3 on your own health issues)
  • Successful completion of written or online theory test
  • Successful completion of observed META-Health Analysis case study examination with a client. META-Health practitioner start

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