Meta-Medicine® – What is the definition?

Meta-Medicine isn’t a new therapy. It is a diagnostic tool and based on a bio-psycho-social model of integrative medicine. Patient and providers work together to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic program that draws a variety of traditions, expertise and modalities (traditional, complementary, alternative) to address an individual’s specific needs (integrative medicine).

The Meta-Medicine concept can be explained using the following three words:

1. Meta
2. Holistic
3. Biological

Here follows an explanation:

1. Meta
The word originates from Greek and means ”over or beyond”. A Meta position is a position outside a situation, where one can reflect over it and get perspective. It is what the artist does when he has been working on a detail and then takes a few steps back to look at it from a distance. From the distance he can see how the detail fits into the whole picture, or in a bigger perspective. Meta-Medicine is not a new therapy or method for treatment, it is a model that biologically and scientifically explains the disease process.

2. Holistic

Meta-Medicine does not only include the physical body but also the mind and soul. We will be discussing not only what happens in our lives but also about our thoughts and values about what happens; thus, if we see an occurrence as something good or bad.

Meta-Medicine integrates all medical areas: traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. It is a platform for co-operation between the treatment areas. All therapies have gifts for different parts of the disease process. The idea is to understand the biological process and choose therapies and treatments which support natural healing.

3. Biology
Meta-Medicine is based on natural laws. It is important to understand the difference between a theory and a natural law.

Theory or Natural Law
A theory is based on comparing studies and assumptions are usual. For example we say that genes govern and affect our health

A natural law is a phenomenon where, when repeated, we will always receive the same result. An apple falls down and not up from the apple tree and we could repeat the procedure showing the same result in 100 % of cases. Therefore, it is a natural law.
In the above example about the genes, the fact that genes control biological functions in our body is a known assumption. But what contradicts this theory is that it is possible to extract a nucleus from a cell and the cell can continue living for two more months without this affecting its functionality, says Dr. Bruce H Lipton, researcher in cellular biology and author of several books on the subject. (Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles). We will get back to this.

Earlier in the book I asked you what you thought was the reason for diseases. Below you will find the most common answers from various participants of my two-day training courses.

- Genetic reasons (due to heredity)
- Contagiousness (viruses and bacteria)
- Wrong kind of food intake
- Lack of exercise
- External influences (such as radiation)

Now let us discuss the above to decide if they are natural laws or not. Do they occur in 100 % of cases? If they do, they are natural laws, if not they are not.

Genetic Reasons for Diseases
One often hears about hereditary diseases whose origins are genetic. Researchers have proven that we do not have to become ill just because we have a bad gene. The bad gene only means that we stand a higher risk of developing a certain kind of disease. We could say that the gene is our weak spot. Already before the disease has developed the bad gene was there – but the person was healthy. The question is what activates the bad gene. This is what I intend to explain on page 90 (in Appendix 1, Diseases that are genetically inheritable).

If a person enters a room where there is an influenza virus present, will everybody in the room become infected? No, normally only a few. Tuberculosis, which is known for its deadly contagious bacteria, does not infect everybody. Everybody who has had sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive person will not be infected. Therefore contagiousness is a theory not a natural law. The interesting part is to understand how come a person can become infected. We will discuss the biological tasks of the micro-organisms on page 51, Section 7, which is about Micro-organisms.

The wrong food intake
The film Super Size Me showed us that the principal character’s laboratory test values were deteriorating because he ate fast food at McDonalds three times a day over one month. Today we know that a daily intake of vitamins and minerals is important to ensure that the bodily processes work and we stay healthy. But there are people who smoke, drink and eat the wrong kind of foods and who are still healthy and feel fine.

Lothar Hirneise who works at The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in Washington is the author of the book Chemotherapy heals Cancer and the World is flat. This is how he explains it. Imagine our body as a huge tank that needs to be filled with energy every day, comparable with the fuel tank of a car. Contrary to cars, human beings have three possible energy sources which they can use. Those energy sources are nutrition, life energy and our feelings! If one source does not work properly we can use energy from the other sources. If a person for instance eats fast food, smokes and drinks and still feels great, then the other sources, such as the life energy or his thoughts must compensate for this.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto travels the world and demonstrates how water molecules react differently depending on which feelings have been projected onto them. If a person projects loving thoughts onto the water, the water molecule becomes indescribably beautiful and harmonious, like a snowflake, but if a person projects negative thoughts toward the water molecule, it turns out less beautiful with angles missing. These findings are interesting because they can be applied to food and our body. Everything we eat contains water and 70 per cent of our bodies consist of water. This means that if we appreciate the food we are eating – whether it is healthy or not – our thoughts will create beautiful or ugly crystals in the food and in our bodies.

It is however easier for many people to absorb nutrition through a healthy diet than from prayer or meditation. As long as we can keep the energy we need every day we will stay healthy. But if we are surrounded by negative people, negative thoughts and we eat fast food, we can be quite certain that we will get ill in some way. Thus, the fact that our food intake can cause disease is not a natural law.

Previously, when I believed in the saying “You are what you eat” I used to read many books about vegetarian and living food. I was really convinced that food, other than vegetarian or living food was harmful to the body; this became a major conflict within me, because I enjoyed other foods and goodies. After a year I became hypersensitive to wheat. My body reacted by not being able to digest food that I believed was unhealthy. The hypersensitiveness to wheat disappeared when I solved the conflict within myself and understood that what I eat in appreciation, my body will handle without any negative consequences.

Lack of exercise
If a person breaks an arm and walks around with the arm in plaster for six weeks we know that the arm will lose muscles and become weak. When we train the muscles they become strong again. But there are other factors that have to be taken into account. I can take myself as an example. In one period of my life I used to force myself to exercise 4-5 times a week so that I would not gain weight. I have never had so many problems as I had during that period of time. Why was that? Based on the self insight I have today, I can say that the reason I was running was because I wasn’t comfortable with my body, which means that I was running in a negative feeling, which in the long run caused my periosteum (bones in the lower legs) to become inflamed. During the last two years I have hardly exercised at all, because I travel a lot in my job and consequently don’t have time to exercise. Also, I enjoy travelling and when I do, I feel like I am on vacation. Having been inactive has not stressed me in the least because I have had positive feelings. I haven’t gained weight and I have never felt as good both physically and psychologically.

So, it is important to consider one’s thoughts in the equation if lack of exercise gets negative consequences or not. Therefore we cannot consider this a natural law.

External influence
We often hear people talk about high mortality rates and increased cases of cancer following the escape of radiation from the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, but this has not been confirmed by further research. Out of the 600 people who were close to the reactor area the night of the Chernobyl accident on April 26, 1986 134 individuals were acutely damaged due to radiation. Twenty-eight people died within four months due to complications caused by radiation and out of the 106 survivors 11 more people died between 1987 and 1998. (Source: SSI report 2001:07 by Leif Moberg). Moberg also writes that The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, UNSCEAR, which investigated the health effects after the Chernobyl incident, reported an increase in cases of cancer of the thyroid gland between 1987 and 1998. Among those who were born after 1987 the number of cases of cancer in the thyroid gland was considerably less than among those who were born before 1987. This means that the radiation had no increased effect on them. UNSCEAR has not been able to demonstrate an increase of either leukaemia or other tumour related diseases. There has also been talk about inherited effects due to radiation damaged genital cells, but genital cells damaged by radiation have never been detected in humans. The UNSCEAR study continues to confirm that radiation has no proven connection with diseases like metabolic disturbances, neural diseases, problems in the digestive apparatus and depression. What has been demonstrated, however, is that stress following deteriorated social and economic conditions will lead to an increase in a number of diseases.

How is it possible that the same radiation can affect people in different ways? We will discuss this under the section “Personal Experience”.

In closing I would like to establish that all the usual reasons for what we believe cause disease are theories or suppositions. They are correct in some of the cases but not in 100 per cent of the cases.

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