Meta-Medicine and Evolution

It’s an exciting time to be alive! Yes, it can be challenging at times, but with consciousness even the challenges are interesting. An important evolutionary shift is happening…
Right now on a collective level we as raze are not yet humans. We operate as a Man-Animal, meaning most of us are still reactive beings. We react at other people and situations outside ourselves, with or without consciousness that every reaction is a mirror of our inner world.
For every reaction we heal, we activate a new part of the brain, the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is very linked with the 3rd eye. That activation means we are getting more and more the ability to see the situation as it is, and act in a way that supports the individual, the relationship, the situation and the whole. A developed frontal lobe and healed animal reactions is the definition of a human being. Human means light being if you look at the linguistic root.
The Meta-Medicine model is mapping our animal reactions. We can understand the biological reactions by observing an animal pack. Someone told me, if you like to see Meta-Medicine in action – go to the zoo!
Having a quick look at the different brain layers, what are the conflict themes?
Brain Stem – Survival
Cerebellum – Protection
Cerebral Medulla – Self-Devaluation
Cerebral Cortex – Territory/Social issuesIf we saw through those reactions and healed our “inner animal”, how would life be?
Contemplating about that question is helping us to start sensing how life as a human would be like.For me Meta-Medicine for is not just about understanding and healing different symptoms. It is about evolving in order to live life expressing your true Self! By recognizing the old patterns (could be the ones the body shows) and heal one after one is a way to let your Self blossom!

With Love,
Susanne Billander

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