Meta-Medicine and Soul Healing

We do live in such an exciting time. I am thrilled to be alive and be part of this evolutionary step. As Little Grandmother said, “This is the year we need to get it!” I do see that we can’t just have the focus to heal a symptom any longer, but it’s time to connect to our true being. To assist closing the gap between your Souls wisdom and your human experience I recommend book a Soul Profile and Soul Healing.

What is a Soulrealignment?
It is a session where I will reveal what Soul group you belong to and what soul gifts you are bringing to this life. I also identify the blocks on a soul-level and heal them. The purpose is to free yourself so you can live your Soul’s highest path and purpose here on earth.

I do work 2 h by myself where I connect to Akashic Record and then I identify who you are on a Soul-level, the blocks that are stopping that full expression and then I do the healing on a soul-level. After that we meet 1 h over skype where I share the findings and what healing took place. At last you get some personal integration homework.

This session is 1900 sek (about 190€)

If you got interested and like to book a session contact Susanne Billander at

How do I continue the healing process?

Then, if you wish, the following sessions I will work with you in diagnosing your physical problem.

I live in Sweden (Sundsvall), but you can be anywhere in the world and still do a session with me. We can use the computer and skype. It feels almost like we would be in the same room if we use a web-camera.

As many of us already believe, there is a mind, body, spirit and environment connection. This means that a Specific Emotional Event in your life, something that was a shock to you and where you did not have a strategy to deal with it, can affect your health.

This in-depth diagnosis will allow you to understand the root cause of your health issue. Together we will identify where you are within the ‘disease cycle’ and confirm the reason for the symptoms you are experiencing. We will spend time discussing possible triggers and patterns in your life that may be contributing to the ‘disease’.

After the diagnosis I will guide you to release the emotional conflict that started the process. We will also identify what needs to happen to return to ‘normal health’.

Read more about Meta-Medicine

Contact Susanne to book a session.

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