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The Meta-Medicine book “Meta-Medicine – The Secret of Cancer and other Diseases” has touched ground in Australia.  The future of integrative medicine is here right now. The author Susanne Billander has the intention to go to Australia in order to run a 2-days Introductory Meta Medicine training in 2008. Interested?

You could see this as an advanced Louise Hay (you can heal your life) piece that will give you bio-logical evidence as to the bodies natural trails to heal itself and adapt to outside situations, that we commonly call illness or dis-ease.

In order to make this very complex, scientific subject easy to understand the book has plenty of metaphors and case studies to reach out and touch us whist communicating clearly the message of Meta-Medicine®.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the book: 

How important is your health to you?

There are so many things we want in life. We dream of money, loving relationships, success and more time for our loved ones or for what we really want to do. But people who are unwell only have one wish – To get better.

Many of us worry that our loved one or we might one day become seriously ill. This fear originates from our being totally unable to predict when it might happen. At the same time we have certain ideas about what might cause a disease.

Think about the word “disease”. What does it really mean? Originally it was a word describing a state in which a person did not feel at ease, or was not in a state of “flow”. Originally, there was a meaning of feeling or movement in the word. Later we started using the word as a noun, indicating a thing or a state, in order to make it easier to talk about it. To say to yourself “I have a disease” is the same as giving yourself a disease sentence. The word gives us an impression of something definite, of something that is set in stone.  It is even worse go get this disease sentence from an authority (a GP or a medical specialist), because we often give credit to them when we are worried and have uncomfortable symptoms in our body.

Latin names that describe the symptoms we are suffering from make it even more frightening. They make the disease sound even more complicated than it is, and I fully understand that it feels burdensome to walk around with amoebic dysentery1 or acoustic neuroma2. These are words that most people do not understand.

Would it be valuable for you to learn about the natural principles of diseases and the processes that we are going through at different levels in order to re-establish the balance of the body? 

If you answer yes to this question, then this book is for you. META-Medicine is about a shift in paradigm within medicine, a new way of looking at disease and healing. I would like to say that META-Medicine is revolutionary information. I am not referring to the French Revolution when people used violence to fight the aristocrats to create freedom, equality and fraternity. The coming medical revolution has nothing to do with war and weapons. It is about spreading information to those who are willing to take part of it, so in a way it’s about equality. With the knowledge of META-Medicine, anyone can take responsibility for their own health. My view is that it’s all about natural evolution.

1) an infection of the intestinal tract causing severe diarrhoea with blood and mucus, caused by a protozoan (amoeba) of jelly-like consistency
2) a slowly growing benign tumour arising on one of the vestibular nerves
How I was first introduced to Meta-Medicine®
I will never forget the day a colleague of mine called me and told me about a course he had attended. Even before I heard what he had to say I could suddenly feel all my cells in my body vibrating, my heart beating quicker and feeling a sudden liveliness. He eagerly explained that the course was about natural principles that explained the biological primal cause of cancer and other serious diseases. Very soon, I understood that I had been given information that was as revolutionary as when Copernicus discovered that the Earth was round and not flat.

My colleague explained that what caused cancer and diseases in various organs were conflicts within us. I started reading everything I could about the principles on the internet and they echoed as true to me as my knowing that tomorrow is a new day. It suddenly became crystal clear to me how these principles resonated with the methods I already had been using to help people heal themselves.

Ever since I was a child health issues have been an important part of my life. First, as the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. Then as an NLP Master Practitioner I got a deep understanding of the body-mind connection. For me it was not logical that cancer starts developing when a nasty cell starts to divide, the explanation that the Bonnier Medical Dictionary (p. 126) gives us.

I attended the first certified training course in England and felt that Meta-Medicine was completely in line with the purpose of my life and I really felt I wanted to train others in this revolutionary area.

When I normally do what is right for me everything happens easily. But for some reason it was difficult for me to get people to register for my first training course, which is why I started asking myself if this really was the right path for me. When I was having my most serious doubts about the whole thing something happened, which I interpreted as a sign telling me to carry on. I attended a two-day workshop where a Polish man talked about these principles. He said that there was a movement slowly spreading throughout Europe and that it was going to be a medical revolution. My body reacted again in the same way as when I first heard about these natural laws and at that moment he looked straight at me, and said that I was to start the medical revolution in Sweden. From that day on I have never hesitated and two weeks later I had my first training session in Meta-Medicine with 12 people attending.

International META-Medicine Association
In 2004 a non-profit organisation, Meta-Medicine® was founded by a group of medical doctors, natural medical doctors and health consultants, with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of the principles which apply to health and disease, certify Meta-Medical health consultants and research further.

Meta-Medicine is based on a bio-psycho-social model of integrative medicine. Patient and providers work together to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic program that draws a variety of traditions, expertise and modalities (traditional, complementary, alternative) to address an individual’s specific needs (integrative medicine).

The International Meta-Medicine Association determines and controls the standards and quality of Meta-Medicine trainings and education and is responsible for the accreditation and certification of all Meta-Medicine instructors and health professionals worldwide.

The Meta-Medicine Organ-Mind-Brain Diagnosis model is in part based on, and further developed from, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s original theories, which he called ”The New Medicine”. Doctor Hamer’s son, Dirk Hamer, was accidentally shot dead at the age of 17. He died in his shocked father’s arms for which this was a very traumatic event. This happened in 1978 and six months later Dr. Hamer discovered that he had developed testicle cancer, despite the fact that he had been well all his life. In his capacity as a medical doctor, he started investigating the possibility of a connection between the testicle cancer and his son’s tragic death. In order to establish the connection and presuming that it would be easier to speak with females than with males, he visited a health centre for women with ovarian cancer and started interviewing them. Female ovaries correspond to male testicles. He asked them if they had received any shocking news in their lives anytime during the last two years before they had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He discovered that almost all of them had lost a loved one.

After having seen this connection Dr. Hamer started investigating the background facts of different cancer patients. After 20 years of research and after having seen more than 31 000 patients he was able to establish that serious diseases start with a conflict shock for which we are totally unprepared.

The diseases the conflict shock leads to are not errors by nature, which we could be tempted to believe but they all have a biologically meaningful purpose. Mother Nature has designed programmes or principles with the aim of helping either the individual or the group to survive. The programmes work in exactly the same way for humans, animals and plants.
The Meta-Medicine network, which includes doctors, has taken a fresh look at Hamer’s model, using what’s working, which is the diagnostic tool and we have expanded approach of how to recreate health using an integrative model. That means Meta-Medicine is including traditional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine in order to restore health.  If you understand where you are in a disease process then you can choose the treatment that supports the natural process.

The Purpose of this Book
I am already actively training people internationally and many participants attending my classes have been asking for written material; since there was none, I saw it as a natural step to meet this need.  I am pleased to spread Meta-Medicine knowledge to those interested in learning about it.
I have written this book with joy. A joy that comes from finding a model that underlies a natural system of biological truth. It’s not a dogmatic truth but a truth that is revealing, awakening and expanding. Meta-Medicine is a model that seems to work and resonate with nature laws as well as the human evolution.

The Meta-Medicine model isn’t just helping us identify where we are in a disease cycle, it also helps us to clarify where we are in our own development. This model is not only explaining how to get back to health, which for many people means getting rid of the irritating or painful symptoms, it will enlighten habits that have trapped us in their negative patterns and caused the disease process to be so uncomfortable.

This book isn’t for those who would like to get well and still keep everything the same. For example “Help me with my breast cancer, but I am not going to change the way I relate to my husband, even if it helps me.”

This book is for those who would like to awaken themselves on all levels and create health on all levels.

It is up to everybody to question, reconsider and convince themselves about the events that happen and discard as meaningless. I am asking you to analyse the information I am giving you in this book and watch your own illnesses and those of the people around you. Be observant and test for yourself if the information you are receiving here is true or not. I have been convinced myself because the model turned out to be true in every single case I have applied it to. My diagnose processes have been shortened considerably and therefore I have been able to help my clients release the primary cause of a problem without wasting unnecessary guessing time.

Part of what we will analyse here will be difficult to assimilate because the subject is so controversial to those who have only been spoon-fed outdated medical doctrine over many years. The proof of this model is out there already, yet it’s hard to find these reference points and case studies. I have therefore chosen to give you references where I am able to.  Most of what I show you can be proven by yourself, so I will ask you to
follow me on a journey toward understanding the future, not with blindfolds, but with
true eyes.

We will take a look at the medicine of the future and what it could look like. I will not try to persuade you, I will only ask you to keep an open mind. If the future is like I am going to demonstrate to you, then we will be able to move forward with medicine and healing in way that is unimaginable today!


“It is a pleasure to have The Secret to Cancer and other diseases on my website. Susanne Billander is the one person who you would want in the world taking care of a very complex series of research and presuppositions about the body and mind and the connection between events and illnesses.
In a society that loves to herald the new dawn every few minutes, Susanne leads you gently through a journey of exploration and discovery, so you can find your own conclusions about how the body reacts to external influences.
This is not a book for the believers or for the critics; it’s a book that we all should take on board and discuss. My intention is that every person will have the chance to see this information in the space of my lifetime”.
Terry Elston – Director of NLP World Ltd

“Love it, well written and to the point. It is very personal and with lots of feeling. Exactly what is needed as an entry book”.
Johannes Fisslinger, President of the Meta-Medicine Association

“I like to congratulate you to a well written book! It has given my lots of joy to read it. It is easy to understand and good explanations. I look forward to have it translated to Norwegian and other languages”.Gro Leivestad, Norway

“Thank You for good reading! Finally I feel free when I hear the word cancer! (I have waited for that ?) It is great that you wrote this book.
I experienced it like a safety and it felt natural to read because I like your way of teaching and sequencing”.
Lisa Hansson, Stockholm

“You are a special woman with a big heart. Thank you for your book. It has all ready helped me to start with the cases”. Kari Reinan, Bergen, Norway

“Thanks for the book you written!!! It is just GREAT!!!!”
Dagfrid Kolås, Bergen, Norway

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The eBook is available from NLP World £14.99

The printed English version is also now available from NLP Word £19.99.

Den svenska versionen, “Metamedicin – Hemligheten bakom cancer och andra sjukdomar” (tryckt format) kan beställas genom att skicka ditt namn och din adress till coachsb@email.comså kommer den och en faktura på 200 SEK + 22 kr i porto med posten. 

More about the 2-days Meta-Medicine Introductory Training

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