Meta-Medicine Diagnostics – Healing stories from becoming aware of the root cause to a symptom

We say that Meta-Medicine isn’t a new therapy, but a tool to create awareness about the underlying pattern behind a symptom/dis-ease.

Sometimes getting aware of the root cause and express it, laud and authentic for the first time, can create big healings. I will now share three healing stories…

A Norwegian woman had Fallopian tube obstruction; to the degree she couldn’t become pregnant. Going to a workshop and hearing about the underlying conflict, an ugly-sexual- conflict, she got back to the moment her step-father forced her to touch his genitals. She was 8 years old at that time. Expressing that, she experienced butterflies leaving her Fallopian tubes and 4 month later she was pregnant!

Another student told me about a meeting with a woman, who had ALS (a paralyzing symptom), to the degree she couldn’t move her legs and arms and neither speak. The student asked her if she had experienced anything unexpected, dramatic, that she didn’t have any strategy to deal with it and therefore isolated the feeling. A situation she felt paralyzed in, and it was quite soon before she noticed the first signs of the ALS symptoms. The woman, who couldn’t talk, started to cry and cried for 3 days being present with a deep grief about an abortion. After 3 days she started to move her arms again.

The last story is about a small symptom, but it created a big healing for myself.

During my first visit to Germany during the diploma training in Meta-Medicine, I suddenly discovered that I had a sore spot on my tongue, which I thought was caused by the hard surface of the bread I was eating. During the second part of the training in Germany I got the same symptoms as previously; sore spots on my tongue. I shared my experience with other participants during a group exercise, during which I learned that the surface of the tongue actually was skin, which meant that the symptom of a separation conflict was applicable to me. Biologically the skin is governed by the Cortex and during the Conflict Phase the skin is broken down, which can easily be felt as small cracks on the tongue. When the conflict is resolved the skin is repaired again, and sore blisters appear.

What happened on the biological plane was that I experienced a separation conflict when I left my loving partner Eric, and my home, to travel to Germany. After two days in Germany I decided to accept my situation and to make the best of it, which was when the symptoms of the Regeneration Phase started. Since the conflict was both about my partner and my home, there was a blister on both sides of the tongue.

I asked myself: How come it was the skin on the tongue that reacted and not any other part of the skin on the body? The logical answer was that it was only with Eric that I was able to experience total intimacy, and the tongue represented that intimacy to me.

Being present with that emotion and expressing it to the small group got me in contact with the learning in the situation; the learning really touched me and healed me.

I had associated the feeling of intimacy with Eric. This means that when I left him, I closed down within myself in order not to feel the aching pain as much. No wonder then that I missed him. I was closing myself off from a part of myself, which was the intimacy of my feelings. I really used to feel like an empty shell when I was away. Even when I called him I didn’t feel there was any intimacy in our conversations since I had shut my feelings off earlier. This only made the experience of separation stronger. When I was sharing this with my group during the exercises, I could feel how I started opening up again and how a certain softness came over me. I felt like I was coming home in myself and I felt closer to myself. Even the rest of the group noticed my change and commented on it.

Ever since, I am honestly letting myself really feel all the feelings I have when I travel. Now I have learned to be “at home” even when I am away from home. So healing the blisters was the small reward, but healing  the emotions was life changing!

If you like to learn more about how to reveal the underlying pattern of a symptom, then I start my first Meta-Medicine Webinar Training the 2nd April. It runs over 5 sessions á 1,5-2h. All sessions will be recorded, so you can listen to it in your own time and in your favorite place for learning.

You find more information about the training at

With Love,
Susanne Billander
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