Meta-Medicine Diploma Training in Norway – Norge

The Meta-Medicine (Metamedisin) Diploma training (2nd part) has been held in Oslo from 14th -18th of September.

We were delighted to have Dr. Anton Bader as a seminar trainer for two days. He has his own traditional medicine private practice and also experience of the Natural Laws since 10 years back. He has been reading CT-scans, which is a fantastic skill. Just from seeing someones CT-scan he can say what symptoms that person got right now, what she has had and also what she might expect in the future. He can even go further and tell them what conflicts that caused the symptom and if they have solved it or not. In the Meta-Medicine network we are hoping that more people get interested to learn the skills. Richard Flook will also be attending and providing readings. View below a CT-scan from a woman with breast cancer CT scan from a woman with breastcancer read more..


Who should attend ?

All health professional wanting to improve holistic diagnosis & therapy, especially:

Doctors, naturopaths, chiropractor
Psychologists, CAM therapists

What is included in the Diploma Training?

This unique training includes interactive home study courses and 10 intensive days of training.

Seminar A: 5-Day Diagnosis & Therapy
Seminar B: 5-Day Practice, Testing, Diploma
Home study: Anatomy, Physiology
Home study: META-Medicine Theory
Monthly Online Training incl. client case reviews
Practical training, client cases in own practice
Individual support during the training

Dates and Locations 2007
The UK Diploma Training is held in 2 live segments (last day is testing and certification):

A. 4-8 July in London (MM Trainer Team)
B. 17-21 October in London (MM Trainer Team)

Diploma Training – Fees
Fee for the complete Diploma Training £ 1,675
Payment options are::

6 monthly payments of £ 279 (Total £ 1,674)

Full advance payment £ 1,395 (before 10.5.2007)

Includes seminars, home study, support, testing, diploma fee.
Student loans or support available. Please ask for details.
Who is the accrediting organization?
The non-profit Intl. Meta-Medicine Association
controls the standards and quality of training and
education and is responsible for the accreditation
and certification process of all META -Medicine®
instructors and trainers worldwide.

Meta-Medicine Diploma Trainings are also available in US and Germany. For dates please view

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