Meta-Medicine – Health is living your Soul’s highest path and purpose

Health for me is to live our soul’s highest life path and purpose. It affects our whole system so we are able to switch from survival stress, to become nourished by the earth, connected to the light and anchored in the heart. I give one example…

If a person is not making decisions true to themselves the “punishment” may be to feel not good enough. To be frank that is life’s way to say “you are not true to your Self”.

If the person asks for assistance to heal the “not good enough feeling”, that wouldn’t be aligned with their Higher Self, and therefore difficult to release. Instead of focusing on releasing the ‘not good enough feeling’, the more powerful thing to do, is to recognize what is correct to say yes to in life. Commit to what is aligned with your true Self and there you will have access to your inner wisdom. Living your true Self means expressing your natural talents, meaning what you already are doing very well! Then the feeling of not being good enough wouldn’t be present.

Not living your Soul’s purpose has a direct link to the health of your adrenals, and therefore the rest of the endocrine system, and your whole health. That is the subject of the next webinar.

Join Susanne Billander for a 1 h 15 min webinar about

“Heal your Adrenal glands & Live your Soul’s highest path and purpose”

This webinar will be about the Adrenal gland and how it affects the rest of the endocrine system. I would like to share the link I have seen between living your Soul’s highest path and purpose in order to heal the adrenal gland. It is an exciting journey!

This webinar will be about:

•                          Intro to the endocrine system

•                          Info about the adrenal gland on the physical to the spiritual level and how it affects our body in stress and wellness.

•                          The link between healing the adrenal gland and the importance of living your Soul’s highest path and purpose.

•                          One core clue to find your unique authentic offer and serve from being true to your Self and the world, which  starts the shift to the whole hormone system.

Date: 3rd September

Time: 9:00 am GMT

The webinar will be recorded and you can download it easily after the event so even if you can’t make the time, you get the chance to listen to it in your own time.

You can both attend via webcast or call in.

Book your participation here


What is a webinar?

It is a forum where you can attend classes from the comfort of your home. The link, you will receive when you book your participation, takes you directly to the page the webinar will be held from. Now you can call in for free from skype, see instructions on this link



I would love you to join me!

Best Wishes,

Susanne Billander


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