Meta-Medicine (Metamedisin) Trainer’s Training in Norway

The last step in the Meta-Medicine Training line is  the Trainer’s Training. People in Norway (norge) who has done the 2-days introduction seminar and 10 days Diploma training is now moving further – They are going to practice how to spread this revolutionary information about Integrative Medicine.Meta-Medicine Trainer’s Training
This is a 2-days training for you who like to hold Meta-Medicine Evening seminars and perhaps 2-days Trainings in the future. 

What will you learn?

• How to create trust with your audience within minutes
• The importance of body language
• Create moment-to-moment state control in yourself and your audience
• A technique that helps the audience to learn and remember easier.
• Training design and Sequencing
• How to satisfy the major learning styles.
• Good sales techniques for helping people to book to a 2-days training.
• Go through a slide showing how to run a great Meta-Medicine evening seminar.

The form of this training is more like a workshop, because you will have lots of time to practice. You will also run a short (5 min) piece of your choice (day 2) and get feedback. A fantastic learning experience! 

You will get the chance to let go of any fear of standing and talking in front of people. You will be guided through a process, called Time Line Therapy™, releasing fear from the root cause. This is only for your benefit. 

We will finish the training with creating your Meta-Medicine future. A powerful goal setting technique, which will help you manifest your dream.
Date: 1-2 of December

Location: Dagfrid’s “Loven” i Bergen. Dagfrid will let you know how to get there. There will also be possibility to stay over the night. Book that with Dagfrid.

Investment: 2000 nkr

Terry Elston will also be there so we can split the group in order to have time to give excellent feedback.

For more info or to book contact Susanne Billander email

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