Meta-Medicine – Osteoporosis & Bone cancer

Osteoporosis is common in the Western World. How come? Meta-Medicine has an interesting explanation.

The skeleton is the basis and foundation for our body and it will be affected if we find ourselves in a conflict where we devaluate ourselves. We might, for instance, think that we are not good or capable enough, or feel that we are not worthy enough. After a conflict shock involving this kind of content, a cell destruction process will be begin in the skeleton. This is the reason for osteoporosis. The stronger the emotional conflict and the longer it prevails, the weaker the skeleton becomes until bone is broken. It is not uncommon for the elderly to break the collar bone in falling accidents.

Depending on which area we are devaluating ourselves, in different areas of the skeleton are being affected.

Part of skeleton            Conflict

The head                             intellectual capacity
Throat and neck                one feels offended
Shoulders                            inability to keep somebody
Hands                                  inability to act and do something
Thorax                                central area after a conflict
Lumbar                               devaluation of the foundation of who we are
The pelvis                           sexual capacity
Hips                                     inability to stand up or endure
Leg                                       inability to stay put
Knee                                    inflexibility, sport activity
Ankle                                   inability to run, make one’s way ahead

Why are they so many cases of osteoporosis in Sweden?
Below we will list some of the reasons for osteoporosis according to the prevailing medical view of the western developed world.

  • The elderly have an inferior capability of absorbing calcium in the intestines with the help of vitamin D. Therefore, the body will borrow calcium from the skeleton causing it to become weaker.
  • Women in menopause create less oestrogen, the hormone that helps keep the skeleton strong.
  • Some pharmaceutical drugs and diseases can cause osteoporosis.
  • A person who has been physically inactive for some time easily develops osteoporosis.
  • Cadmium can be a reason why osteoporosis is so widely spread in Sweden. This is according to new findings presented by Karolinska University Hospital. Cadmium, which works against calcium in the body, is a common mineral in the Swedish soil. Evidence has shown that women with lack of iron are able to absorb larger doses of cadmium, which put them at a higher risk when it comes to developing osteoporosis.

My private reflection: 
Everybody does not develop osteoporosis despite the fact that all women go through the menopause, grow older or eat vegetables from the soil. The ones who reads CT-scans in our network has always been able to detect a frequency change in the cerebral medulla when they investigated a client with the symptoms of osteoporosis. The frequency changes only come about if a conflict shock involving self-devaluation is experienced. Since only a very small number of physicians have applied the knowledge of Meta-Medicine, there are unfortunately not many references in this area.

Again, I do not want you to believe blindly in me, but I encourage you all to become curious. Should you or anybody you know have a tendency towards a weak skeleton I would encourage you to reflect if there could be any conflicts involving self-devaluation within you. The Law of Jante, according to which we must not believe we are anything special, is very deeply rooted in Swedish culture, and this could be a contributing reason for the large number of cases of osteoporosis in Sweden. (Could we describe law of jante more  in the energy can you believe)

Bone cancer
Bone cancer is the regeneration phase of the disease osteoporosis.

In the regeneration phase, bone has to be rebuilt and when this happens there is aching, there can be inflammation and also swelling. The purpose of the ache is to prevent the bone from activity until the skeleton is healed. Without treatment of skeleton cancer, the bone is healed naturally and grows even stronger than it was before.

Is it thus positive to be diagnosed with bone cancer because that would mean one is recovering from bone cancer? Well, it might not feel so positive because the symptoms are troublesome, but so too are they when one breaks a leg.

How does the body function when you break a bone?
During the healing process the skeleton is rebuilt and it hurts, it becomes swollen and inflamed. Often a surplus bone tissue will be created, which is the body’s way of making the bone stronger in the future. The process is as natural as the healing of bone cancer. What we often haven’t seen is the foregoing osteoporosis, which makes it possible for us to understand the reasons for the sudden cell growth in the skeleton. When one has broken a bone this is the reason for the ache and the swelling. 

Case study:
Anitha, 36
After a divorce Anitha and her son were going to move from South Africa to London. She sold her flat and her furniture but when she opened her mail the day before departure she discovered that she was unexpectedly served with a writ by her ex-husband. This was a totally unexpected shock. Since she did not know how long the process would take, she arranged for a temporary flat where she and her son had no furniture. During this phase (conflict phase) she was experiencing no physical symptoms and she was focusing all her strength on solving the problem. The process lasted for two years and finally she won the case, after which Anitha and her son moved directly to London (conflict resolution).

Upon arrival in England she started feeling exhausted and listless (regeneration phase). After a while she went to see a doctor who diagnosed her with leukaemia and told her she had a maximum of three months to live! This diagnose would have floored anybody, but not Anitha. She refused to make it her truth and started using her own therapy, which was fasting and drinking fruit juices, meditating and visualizing health for 21 days. When she returned to the doctor’s office to give blood samples she was completely recovered. The doctors could not find any traces of leukaemia in her body.

Biological reason for leukaemia
After a conflict like “something hits me in to the bone marrow”, the bone marrow is destroyed (osteoporosis) the number of red and white blood cells decrease, which leads to anaemia (reduction in the quantity of the oxygen-carrying pigment haemoglobin in the blood).

In the regeneration phase, when the bone heals itself, the blood cells are relaxed and blood readings drop further down further. During this phase, there is a dramatic increase in white blood cells (leukocytes), a condition which can be wrongly diagnosed as leukaemia. After 5-6 weeks then normally the red blood cells are also back to normal production.

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