META-Medicine – Stress can be positive!

Our dear adrenals can help or hinder us.

If we need to make a change, it often requires a greater effort on the physical plane, which means more to do for a while. If the change is in line with our purpose, then the adrenals support us with increased hormone production, which gives us the experience of having access to more energy.

If the change is not in line with our purpose, if it takes us away from our path of life, then the adrenals reacts with decreasing the hormone production. This makes us feel we have less energy to perform actions.


When you look at this, it becomes very clear that the body helps us to notice what is right for us and what is actually wrong for us.


To heal our body often means that we need to make practical changes. Those of you who have listened to me in the past and read my mailings, know that I advocate to release perceived energetic blocks in the various dimensions. BUT, it also requires that we ACT in line with what we want in life.


The physical body is a three-dimensional creation. How do we shift the energy on the physical plane is through action.


I and my family have just moved to Costa Rica. Since January 2012, we knew we wanted to do an adventure and kept minds open to opportunities throughout the spring. Nothing became clear during the spring and summer. In September a friend contacted me that I have not talked to in 8 years. He wanted to discuss META-Medicine, but then we started talking about the project in Nicaragua, where I bought land from him. I mentioned that we are in the family wanted to do an adventure and possibly build on the land in Nicaragua. It was still a few years away before they start to build there. Then he said he had an apartment in Costa Rica, we could rent from January 2013. When he sent mr the pictures, I was sold immediately. This was the opportunity we have been waiting for. The same afternoon when I talked to my friend, my partner sat at work and declared to himself that it was time to move on. He wanted to focus more on providing healing and also he wanted to learn Spanish. Guess if he was surprised when he came home and I told him about the possibility. We decided to sell everything we owned, house, caravan, boat and car and move within four months.


We began to act, and every day demanded  “move”actions. Choosing brokers, fix the house for shooting, describe and advertise the house… There was plenty to do in addition to what we already had, but the energy was with us. Our dear adrenals helped us along the entire moving process.


How is the move in line with who I am?


For many years we have had the intention to live in a conscious eco-village, where we grow our vegetables and fruits to get the best quality. Here you can get three harvests a year! I love the fresh and healthy food and so does my family. Conscious schooling, music, dance and art and so on.


We are enjoying a very nice climate. The warmth makes me relax and enjoy being in the body. I like winter views, but freezes easily and it has made me tense the body a great part of the year.


Astrologically my sun is located at the bottom of the astrology chart, which means that I do well being in a warm climate. (This I found out after we had decided to move. Heating integrate my being)


In addition, the move an adventure! I have just moved into a five numerology year. Five stands for change, adventure and freedom.


To live beyond their comfort zone makes the present moment much more obvious. The senses open to take in and enjoy the experience.


Just like before the move, I’m working on-line. I meet my clients over skype and keep my training via webinar. Thanks to technology makes the world smaller and meetings beyond space possible!


Right now, all the planets in our solar system is moving in a “forward” direction, which amplifies our actions. It started on 30 January, which was the day we booked our flight to Costa Rica and ends on February 17. You currently have the Universe’s support in making life changes, big and small.


What is your intention to create in life right now?

(Remember that the intent doesn’t need to be within the area of health to ultimately affect your health for the better!)


What do you long for from the depths of your heart?

It is your true Self that tells you that it is time to act to make the conditions to manifest it a  reality.

Take your desire seriously NOW.

It would not be there if not for you to experience it NOW.

What would it take to make it possible NOW?



Important to remember!

We need to start acting to the next step to become known. We rarely get all the way mapped out before we start taking step after step. The intention is our compass.


A great test would be to start acting, although there is resistance, and see if you get more energy after you have taken the first step. if you get it, then it is a sign that it was an act that got you to expand and live out more of who you are here on earth.


If you acted and felt the resistance of your entire system before, during and after the act, then it is time to evaluate and see if you walk away from who you are.


The adrenal glands communicate in both cases!



With love,

Susanne Billander

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