How to facilitate transformation that heals the body and soul

Welcome to a free webinar about “How you can facilitate transformation that heals the body and soul”.
This time I will host my dear friend Terry Elston. He was my teacher in NLP. Terry is a man that can play with limitations in a way they disappear easily. He is truly a Master of Transformation in a way that evolves people.
He will discuss:

1. What are the core principles of change and transformation

2. How does NLP work with disease, limiting beliefs and phobias

3. How does NLP relate to higher consciousness

4. How to gain mastery with your mind

5. Using the “now state” powerfully


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(If you already signed in before the live event, then you already got the recording. It is the same link to the live event and the recording!)

We look forward to be with you!

With Love,

Susanne Billander & Terry Elston 




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