Present your Self

Welcome to take part of a journey getting in contact with your true Self, and present that in your life. It’s about living a life aligned with your Abundant Spirit and be of service for the highest good.

Part One

Session 1

Align to your Self – Become an Abundant Spirit
27th April at 11 am (GMT)

  • Soul gifts – What are the different soul gifts + Personal info about your Soul gift/gifts.
    I will personally enter you Akashic Record to check out what soul gift you have before this session and email the info to you)
  • Finding out what experiences/life skills you already embody?
  • Understand how you can be of the greatest service right now.
    That is also a key in living your abundant Self
  • Energetic actions to assist evolution taking place in your physical world

This is valuable knowing when you:

  • Like to live and express your authentic self in the world
  • Clarify how you can be of unique service and what you like to do in your E.G Coaching/healing/therapy practice.
  • Create a website or leaflet offering services that are aligned with your true Self.

Here you can stop,  or choose to do Part 1+2, which is about learning how to present your Self in the world. Part 2 is a serie of three webinars.

Part Two

Present your Self in the world

This training is perfect if you feel presenting will be part of your future.
My intention is to guide you to create a presentation true to your Self and your life path. We will build the presentation skills based on your aligned Self (Part 1).

It’s not just about presenting what you do – but also You being present when you present!

What will you learn in Part 2?

  • How to create trust with your audience within minutes
  • The importance of body language
  • Create moment-to-moment state control in yourself and your audience
  • A technique that helps the audience to learn and remember easier.
  • Training design and Sequencing
  • How to satisfy the major learning styles.
  • Creating your presentation, deliver it and get feedback

Session 2
3rd May at 11am GMT

  • Being state
  • Body Language
  • Preparation model (This will be a workshop style. You will be guided through how to prepare while you get the chance to prepare.

Session 3
10th May at 11 am GMT

  • Tone of Voice
  • 4 Mat Model
  • Creating your space
  • Keep the audience interested
  • Visual aids
  • Q&A about your presentation preparation

Session 4
17th May at 11 am GMT

  • Presenting your presentation
  • Hearing other people’s presentations
  • Individual feedback

This is one of my favorite subjects to share and I have heard about great results from earlier participants, so I would love you to join me on this journey!

Price for Part 1: €49
Align to your Self – Become an Abundant Spirit

Price for Part 1 + Part 2 = The whole program: €199
Present your Self in the world

If you book before the 23rd April the cost is €179.

You will get info of how to access the webinar/webinars 2 days before each webinar + receive the material you need.



  • 4 Mat Model