META-Health® – Consciously healing your body and soul (eBook pdf)

newcover Why would one person get a cancer or other life threatening disease and another person not? The reason why people react with fear when they find out they have a life threatening disease is because we have been taught that disease could happen to anyone, just by chance. In META-Health, we can prove there is a relationship in life conditions and the disease in your body every time! The focus is put on merely healing the symptoms in order for us to get well again. Often we work against the natural biological process, which can result in a long and painful journey. With the knowledge of the biological explanation to what is going on in the body, you can see how ‘perfect’ the symptom really is and support the natural process, thereby assisting your body in recreating health.

META-Health is changing our way of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

The eBook and the hard pack below, got a A-Z organ – conflict directory!



META-Health® – Consciously healing your body and soul (paper back)

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