Work with Susanne

How do I work with clients?

Have you ever wondered what makes you special and unique from the others around you?

What if there is a map that tells about your unique purpose and a compass that guides you to live your highest path and purpose here on earth?

My gift is to recognizing your gifts and talents. Being true to you is essential to your health, success and growth and to grow your abundance.

My personal intention is not just to heal the symptom, but also connect to our true being.  It is time to blossom!

Example: In order to assist a quicker shift, it feels important to focus more on who a person is on soul level. Lots of therapy is done to try to solve the consequence of living the not self. Instead of clearing the “not good enough” feeling, we could say “it is good that you don’t feel good enough in this area, because it’s not who you are”. If you woould be doing who you are, then you can only feel excellent – because no one could do your unique talent as good as you!

I am looking at the underlying  root causes at Multi-Dimensional levels.

  • You will get a soul profile. It will reveal what Soul group you belong to and what soul gifts you have. I also reveal your unique compass, which helps you to make the choices to live out your highest path and purpose.
  • Before your session, I will identify the core soul level blocks and heal them.
  • We meet for a 90 min session over skype. During I will share your soul profile and what blocks that were identified and healed on a soul level.
  • Then we would identify the genetic blocks that have served as protection, and now serve as reminders of what to clean up to give you the freedom you want.

The price for this session is $499

It’s of value for your whole life. We will record it so you can listen again and again.

Please pay below for the session ( paypal, visa card or master card)

I look forward being with you!