META-Medicine: Natural Laws

Are there natural laws that govern disease, health and healing?

Did you ever wonder, how mind, body and spirit really work together? What exactly is the mind, body, spirit, environment connection and why is it so important for our health and well-being?

Psychosomatic, Neuropsychoimmunology and Mind Body Medicine have proven a direct link between our mind and body. But what exactly is this bio-psycho-social connection? What is the cause and process of a disease and why do therapies and healing methods sometimes work, sometimes they don’t?

For example: What is causing breast cancer, eczema, diabetes, brain tumors? Is it genetic, nutritional, energetic or are toxins, radiation, chemicals at work? Or is it our thinking or emotions? Is there a holistic and integrating health system that allows the layperson and the health practitioner to comprehend the big picture of disease and health?

Finally, there are answers to these questions? META-Medicine®, discovered by empirical research and successfully applied by European Doctors for years, will give you simple, yet powerful knowledge, tools and strategies to apply in your health practice and to achieve health in your personal life.

META-Medicine® (meta as in over, over determined, interdisciplinary) is a new, integrative model, which goes beyond the current theorems of medicine and science. META-Medicine® integrates and combines the newest medical research from Europe and the research findings of the biological natural laws, that govern disease and healing.

META-Medicine® focuses on the “big picture”  to formulate a new understanding of the functioning of body-mind-spirit-environment. META-Medicine® is not a new therapy, rather it is concerned with the deeper questions of human nature and their significance in regards to health and disease. META-Medicine® is the backbone of all therapies, allowing you to be more efficient and successful with your current methods.

The goal of META-Medicine® is to research and identify the causes, process and relationships of disease and health and to formulate a new foundation of a truly integral health system and medicine. META-Medicine® attempts to answer the deeper questions of health and disease from an integral and meta point of view:

  • What are the root-causes of disease?
  • How exactly does the body-mind-spirit interaction occur?
  • What is the process and cycle of a disease?
  • How does our organisms work as a holistic, integrative system?
  • What is a healing crisis and when does it occur?
  • Is there a deeper meaning to all disease?
  • What therapy works best for what disease in what stage?
  • How can we define and formulate true holistic prevention?
  • How can we use current healing methods more effectively?